The Monbulk “Wall of Support” – Putting mental health on the table in small communities.

Support categories:-
General:- A$1 – A$99
Gold: -A$100 – A$299
Diamond: A$300 – A$499
Platinum: A$500+

Did you know that twice as many Australians take their own lives each year than die in road accidents; suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 & 44; mental health issues affect 1 in 5 Australians.  These are staggering figures that need addressing.  With your help we can make a start.  Here’s how…..

Help us fund the Monbulk “Wall of Support”, a bold and bright information centre that will provide vital mental and other health related information to those most in need, whilst also helping de-stigmatise mental health issues in the community.

The wall will be built for all to see inside the new Monbulk Football Netball, Cricket and Junior Football shared clubroom;- a central hub of the tiny township of Monbulk in Victoria, Australia.   Your support will allow the Monbulk community to see that mental health is a universal issue and that the world does care.  Hopefully this Wall will also inspire other clubs to do the same, spreading positive mental health awareness through the power of grassroots community spirit.


WHAT: To fund and build a wall of support in the new clubrooms, to assist those affected by mental illness.

WHY: The wall will provide vital information to those most in need, and hopefully encourage other (visiting) clubs to do the same.

Thanks for your generous support.  For more information, please visit